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Flock 33 - Prefix F.D. - Registered 2002

Tosswill Road
R D 4
New Zealand
Phone: 64-3-344 3151
Fax: 64-30344-3150

Lansdowne White Dorper Ram    

Breeding and selection for the following characteristics:

Stud Rams

  • Fertility
  • A long deep well muscled body
  • Excellent growth rates
  • Maximum shedding ability
  • Sound feet and well balanced stance
  • Parasite resistance

Stud Ewes

  • Placid, easy lambing, excellent mothering
  • Multiple births, good milk volumes
  • Clean shedding

Purebred Commercial Ewes

  • Easy management
  • Ideal on difficult country (ie forestry blocks)
  • Hardy Minimum handling requirements

White Dorper Ram F.D. 507