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Poll Merino Breeders

Nine Mile
Prefix: Nine Mile
Flock/Stud Number: 57
Merino: Poll
Stud Principal: Gordon Lucas
Address: Nine Mile Station, Rapid No 4497 State Highway 8, Lindis Pass, (Private Bag 16)Tarras
Phone: 03 445 2885

Stud Established: 1998
Bloodlines: Initially Merryville based ewes; Sires Lorelmo, Petali, Longford, Earnscleugh, Moojepin, Merinotech, Coromandel
Number of Registered Ewes: Around 600
Average Adult Ewe Micron: 16.8
Stud Classer: Jayne Rive

Property Details:
Area: 2223 Ha
Rainfall: 500 mm
Sale Method: Auction and Private

Other Details:

Location – Awatere Valley, Marlborough


Nine Mile Poll Merino has been concentrating on a dual purpose superfine poll since 1998.  Eye muscle, fat scanning was initiated in 2004 along with measuring growth rates.  We adopted the use of EBVs in the same year to give us more information on each sheep.

The commercial flock sits at around 4,500 ewes cutting around 5.3-5.7 kg of 16.8.  Fertility has lifted along with carcass.  A % of lambs are killed in the autumn/winter period with the remainder in the spring. Lambing percentage to the ram has been sitting at 115 – 117% lifting to 127% in the Merino flock this season.

Fertility remains a strong driver in our breeding direction along with carcass.

We aim to have a large proportion of lambs killed in autumn – early winter whilst maintaining fleece weight and micron.

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