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Poll Merino Breeders

Middlehurst Pastoral Ltd
Prefix: MH
Flock/Stud Number: 61
Merino: Poll
Stud Principal: Willie Macdonald
Address: c/- Willie and Susan Macdonald, Private Bag 1230, Blenheim 7240
Phone: 03 575 7042
Mobile: 027 233 5724 (Willie) or 027 233 5546 S

Stud Established: 1999
Bloodlines: Wallaloo Park
Number of Registered Ewes: 500
Average Adult Ewe Micron: 19
Stud Classer: John Carter

Property Details:
Area: 16,650 Ha Extensive High Country
Rainfall: 650 mm
Sale Method: On Property, Tekapo Ram Auction


Middlehurst Poll Merino Stud primary focus is to breed a true dual purpose merino sheep with the key profit drivers: Fecundity, Wool and Meat.

All aspects of our breeding programme are based around the profitability of commercial flocks based on the current markets.

We strive to breed sheep that are genuinely plain bodied; maintaining a careful balance between meat and wool production. Our wools are long stapled with a deep, lustrous crimp.  

Middlehurst Polled Merinos employs the Zoetis Shepherd Plus DNA parentage system, all recorded through an electronic tag and stud recording system, providing 99.9% accurate parentage recording together with promoting rapid genetic progress. It also allows pedigree recording to be carried out in commercial lambing conditions. 

Breeds: Poll Merino

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