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Peter, Rob & Sally
Prefix: Isolation
Flock/Stud Number: Merino 317
Merino: Horn
Stud Principal: Rob & Sally Peter
Address: P O Box 51, Ward 7248
Phone: 03 575 6866
Mobile: 0274 347 313 (Sally)
Fax: 03 575 6867

Stud Established: 2003
Bloodlines: Saxon – Ramshead – Sierra Park mainly
Number of Registered Ewes: 55
Average Adult Ewe Micron: 17.2
Stud Classer: Rob Peter

Property Details:
Area: 480 Ha
Rainfall: 1000 mm
Sale Method: Private Sale

The aim is to produce quality balanced saxon sheep for a high rainfall area.  We are looking for high bulk saxon wool and the ability of the sheep to thrive in a low input commercial environment.
Breeds: Merino