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Merino Breeders

Jones, William and Emily
Prefix: Matarae
Flock/Stud Number: 231
Merino: Horn
Stud Principal: William Jones
Address: Matarae Station, R D 2, 4450 Sutton Clarks Junction Road, Outram 9074
Phone: 03 464 3855
Mobile: 027 418 1386
Fax: 03 464 3899

Stud Established: 1984
Bloodlines: Merryville & Glen Stuart (Tasmania) Semen
Number of Registered Ewes: 400
Average Adult Ewe Micron: 17.2
Stud Classer: Ken Arnold (Tasmania); William Jones

Property Details:
Area: 5000 Ha
Rainfall: 300-500 mm
Sale Method: Private

Other Details:
We also have a Romney Flock producing 35 micron Wool.

We have a top commercial flock of Merinos and aim to Product superior wool which is sought after by the Italian Mills.
Emphasis is placed on good maternal traits, fat structure and carcass conformation.
Our warm north facing country with natural rock outcrops and native pastures are well suited to the Merinos.

Breeds: Merino

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