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Name: Brabazon Charollais
Address: c/- M F Prouting and A J Brown, 793 Clifton Grove Road, R D 3, Masterton 5883
Name: Charollais Sheep NZ Ltd
Address: c/- M Rohloff, 265 Conroys Road, R D 1, Alexandra 9391
Name: Douglas Downs Farm
Address: c/- P S Ponsonby, 1118 Athenaeum Road, R D 1, Lawrence 9591
Name: Elite Charollais
Address: c/- N Jay, 404 Tancreds Road, R D 2, Christchurch 7672
Name: Hampton Family
Address: Belmont, R D 14, Cave 7984
Name: McCall Farms Ltd, S W & C L
Address: Castlerock, R D 12, Pleasant Point 7982
Name: McCall, A T & A D
Address: 29 McBride Road, Charlton, R D 4, Gore 9774
Name: McIlraith, A M
Address: Brooklands, 26 McEvedys Road, R D 3, Leeston 7683
Name: Smith, M G (Chairman)
Address: 280 Terrace Road, R.D. 1, Rangiora 7471

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