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South Suffolks at the Royal Show October 2016

Alan Evans judging the South Suffolk Ram Hogget Class 2016 Royal Show
Simon & Fiona Prouting receiving All Breeds Ram over 18 Months Trophy 2016 Royal Show
Simon Prouting, Doug Croy and Alan Evans at the South Suffolk Area 2016 Royal Show
The Line Up of All Breeds Meat Ram Hoggets Waikato Show 2016
The Other Half of the Sheep Show Facility at Waikato Show 2016
Ian Lawrence with the winning All Breeds Meat South Suffolk Ram Hogget Waikato Show 2016
The South Suffolk area at the Waikato Show 2016

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Origin & History

South Suffolk Ewes

The South Suffolk first appeared in New Zealand during the 1930s in response to an overseas demand for leaner meat.

It is a New Zealand breed developed in Canterbury by a Southdown stud breeder, Mr George Gould, who was also responsible for the introduction of Suffolks to the country. Gould wanted a specialist breed to meet the requirements of a price schedule for prime lamb cuts which carried penalties for too much fat. The quick maturity and carcase shape of the Southdown and high flesh-to-fat ratio of the Suffolk were incorporated.

The South Suffolk became a registered breed in 1955 and is increasingly being used as a terminal sire for prime lamb production. Its high yielding carcase makes it ideal for further processing. The Down wool is used for fine apparels and hand knitting yarns.

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South Suffolk Carcasses

South Suffolk carcasses

These lamb carcasses all by South Suffolk Rams
Average weight of 22.35kg

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Breed Description

What you can expect from South Suffolk rams
By using South Suffolk rams you can ...


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South Suffolk Ewes

South Suffolk Ewes

South Suffolk Ewes

South Suffolk Ewes


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Breed Classification

A large, comparatively heavy meat breed. Rams are used as terminal sires for cross-breeding for early prime lamb production.

Location: On all types of country throughout NZ in stud and commercial flocks. 

Bodyweight Wool

Ewes: 65-90 kg

Rams: 90-120 kg

Short, fine, Down type.

Fibre diameter: 27-33 microns.

Staple length: 75-100 mm

Fleece weight: Range 3-4 kg
Average 3.5 kg

Uses: apparel and knitting yarns.

High yielding carcase, ideal for further processing.


130-160 percent




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