A K Campbell Earnscleugh Station
Prefix: Earnscleugh & Earnscleugh Poll
Flock/Stud Number: 258 & 53
Merino: Horn & Poll
Stud Principal: Alistair & Duncan Campbell
Address: 854 Earnscleugh Road, R D 1, Alexandra 9391
Phone: 03 449 2031
Mobile: 0274 892 820
Email: ecgenetics@farmside.co.nz
Website: www.earnscleughstation.co.nz

Stud Established: Horn 1988; Poll 2000
Bloodlines: Horn – Merryville, Nerstane; Poll - Various
Number of Registered Ewes: Horn 900; Poll 1100; Gene Mobs (not registered – 600)
Average Adult Ewe Micron: Horn 16.5 Superfine 14.4 Ultrafine; Poll 18 20; Gene Mobs 19 – 23
Stud Classer: Sandy Mackirdy

Property Details:
Area: 20,000 Ha
Rainfall: 300 low altitude – 1500 high altitude
Sale Method: Auction & Marble Draw by invitation – Horns late Jan; Polls early Feb

Other Details:

Poll sale also include Inverino™ & Mermax™ rams – carrying Inverdale fertility gene and LoinMAX® and MyoMAX® muscle genes.


Earnscleugh was the first stud in NZ to use breeding values (1988) and in 2000 our data was shifted to Merino Select in Australia.

We believe that figures and phenotype can be combined and to this end we employ an outside classer to make sure we don't get off track. Since 2000 our emphasis has been to increase the Poll side of our operation with selection aimed at producing a high fertility, moderate framed, dual purpose Merino.

Breeds: Merino, Poll Merino